FADER — Interview: Schoolboy Q

April 1, 2013 § Leave a comment


Groovy Q chopped it up with Fader & it seems like dude is ready. While everybody waitin’ on the Drake LP & I’m waiting on that Oxymoron. I think dude is gonna top his previous work. I think Q is that nigga and hands down my favorite Hippy. I always pictured Kendrick like that on the low, it’s all good we all vanity slaves to a certain point. TDE is coming for niggas necks.

Has Kendrick become more interested in looking polished? I seen him change a whole lot. He’s too rich now. He shits on me every time he sees me. Y’all get the humble Kendrick. He’s my brother, he’s my homie, so I get the other Kendrick. He shows me his checks. It’ll be a million dollar check. He shows me his Rolex like, “Yo, you gotta get you one of these, this kind. Oh here, hold this.” I love that shit. It gives me drive. I made a lot of money last year, but I didn’t make half of what Kendrick made. I want it all. I want the fame, I want the ill shit, I want the clothes, I want the money, I want the fresh daughter, I want the Grammy, I want the whole shit. They say Kendrick’s the number one MC? I want that too. I don’t wanna be number two.

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