THROWBACK: Troy Ave — Rep It Wit My Heart/BK BK

December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Listening to the Fab’s new S.O.U.L Tape, track number 9 featuring Troy Ave. Made me think of this joint right here. I remember the day pretty vividly, the video came on “Rap City: The Basement” & I was about to turn the channel because I never heard of the guy who was up next but I got sidetracked checking Nicekicks at the time. I hear the this smooth beat then the phrase They tryna turn the lights out in my city“, then I took a look at the tv & saw shorty cooking in the kitchen. I then started to pay attention to the song & I fucked with it, it was raw. That was the day I became a fan of Mr. Ave, after that dude went missing mainstream wise & he’s back now doing shit. I still haven’t took in the time to check his new shit out, since Combat Jack speaks very highly of him on his show. Not to mention till this day, I’m still tryna get a full version to Bk Bk.


Also whatever happened to his Def Jam deal?

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