Fuse’s Crate Diggers: Jermaine Dupri

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Jermaine is a Legend in my eyes, I don’t care what nobody says. I feel like he’s very underrated & not appreciated. He did more than give Kriss Koss & Lil’ Bow wow records. I even fuck with his rap career in the 90’s, only tho. JD & Diddy are held pretty high on my rap pedestal.

SONG OF THE DAY: Dom Kennedy — She Ain’t In Love

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I’m taking my little sister to her first show today and who else, would I take her to see then the OPM Capo. I seen him perform back in ’08 when the first From the Westside, With Love came out. It was his b-day show and he killed that shit, I can only imagine his performance game gotten even better. Since I never got to see he perform any of With Love II live. It would be dope as hell to hear him do this or some shit off the The Original DOM KENNEDY.



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11/17/92| Ice Cube released his third album, The Predator.

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Freddie Gibbs — BFK

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I can’t believe  I’m now just about to listen to BFK. I’ve been slacking on the music lately, I need to get my shit together because this shit is raw. Freedie is that guy right now, I hope people paying attention shit is gonna get crazy because “Them midwest niggas stay bout it”.


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