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My second favorite drops his debut last week & I didn’t even know. So, I had to run out & cop me a hard copy. K. Dot kinda got played out to while world went Section 80 crazy. I’ve been hearing the good and bad about GKMC. I’m really curious to know how it came out, I’ve been avoiding all the leaks & haven’t listened to much of the criticism till —I lived with the album yet. Skeme on the other hand , I’m really curious to know what the whole album sound is because the couple joints I heard weren’t anything special —specially “Kidz With Gunz.” I should have reviews sun/mon.


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Q: What’s the place y’all come from?

“Compton? It’s a nice peaceful neighborhood in the day time, but at night, that’s when all the shit happens. A fox in sheep clothing.”

Hit-Boy — East vs West

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I remember the day the  Jay-Z Interview came out, I didn’t think to much about it. I thought it  was pretty good for just a producer & then he dropped the tape and I still didn’t take his shit to serious. Plus, that shit him CuDi was weak so I thought y’all was trippin’, thinkin’ the shit he was puttin’ out was fire but this shit RIGHT HERE — makes me wanna eat my words. I can’t do shit but show love & tilt my hat.

R.I.P to all the fallen LENGEND’S

10/17/72 | HAPPY BORNDAY, EM.

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Killer Mike — Reagan

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I havent’t listened to Killer Mike really since the early 2000’s and it seems like every wed Combat Jack is speakin’ on how dope his album is. I feel pretty dumb sleeping on’em. I never thought in a million years I would actually like some politic rap.

SONG OF THE DAY: Erick Arc Elliott — The Blues

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This has been my shit as of lately, this nigga get bizzy. The whole time I thought he was just the producer of the Zombies, I haven’t took the chance to give there tape a listen yet but I really want dude to give the world another solo project because his “Almost Remembered” has some many gems but a little outdated. I love the way he gets personal with his bars and don’t get me started on the production.



“If you played my last tape, don’t act like I can’t fuck or something”

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