MIXTAPE REVIEW: Ro Ransom – Ransomnia

July 18, 2012 § 3 Comments


I know, I’m late on the tape, but I just recently listened to it and I must admit, Harlem’s back on rise with a Puff Daddy stamp of approval. Yo, Young Veggies may have a run for his money in my opinion, this tape is kinda crazy. I didn’t expect any thing less from the young coyote but its alot tougher than I thought it would have been. He’s really stepped up his game, this time around. I really think he can be next up, he can give the commercial appeal. The young artist has a lot of talent under is sleeves, now he’s singing. I can’t front that part threw me off at first but it wasn’t bad, shout out to him for paying homage to Aaliyah tho. My only issue with the tape, is it has this H-Town feel. Which is nothing wrong but I wanna know why. It’s not really his sound, I understand artist evolve, but why go this way because it has became popular again. No hate, I miss the Houston days or maybe he was just tryna make something to ride around in. My only disappointment was “Push The Envelope”. On paper, I thought the Chuck & Ro collab would of been fire but the beat wasn’t really there for me. It had the Chuck signature on it but I kinda felt like it needed something not sure what. I think it’s a good song but the beat, just doesn’t really make it a keeper. Also Rich Hil, is starting to grow on me. I didn’t know he can produce, I need the “Paradise In Purgatory” instrumental, on the real. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DURG DEALER! I really fuck with the fact he didn’t get to many features.


Favorite tracks:

Ransomniac: The intro really established the tone, for the things that are about to come. It reminded me some much of Screw tapes.


Leap Of Faith: I don’t really think, I need to give a reason check it out, you’ll understand. Hands down, the best track on here. There’s too many quotables.

“I play that Ready to Die in Bed-Stuy, but I’m tryna live”


So Throwed: It has that lay back sound, this this that cruise the city shit. Plus he pays homage to Screw & Big Moe.


Limousine: Is that shit., the verses are monsters & the flow is unholy.  Brandon DeShay did his thing he’s one of favorite out.


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