Jonathan Mannion Tells All: The Stories Behind His 25 Favorite Album Covers

March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hands down he’s my favorite photographer in the game break down the stories of his classics. My favorite covers he did was for Jay, X & The Game. Also Beanie Sigel’s “The Truth” which I didn’t even know he did but I’m not surprised.

Click here to the 25 & the stories behind them.

21. “I remember taking chances and being out on the block with him. He was walking me down memory lane, showing me where he had his first fight, in this pit down by where he went to grade school.

11.  “With that shot, he felt almost like he was emancipated. It was like the moment when you’re being let out of jail. All these goods were coming back, we did the fingerprint thing, and I designed the album package—as I did with the Marshall Mathers LP, with Jason Noto. I made him write his name and the title in his own handwriting. It was cool.

DMX - Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood

9. “So I got 50 gallons of that blood ready for him. It wasn’t real blood, but it had nice viscosity. I begged him to get in it, but he was very reluctant. I said to him, ‘I’ve never steered you wrong, man.’ He agreed, but he was worried that he was going to ruin his pants. I said, ‘Wear my pants. I’ll shoot in my boxer shorts.’ I dropped my pants in front of the entire studio. He chuckled, put his arm around me and said, ‘Alright. I’ll do it.’

6. So we took on different sections and wanted to pull elements that represented the bigger picture of a certain culture. We decided to give a nod to L.A., and that’s why we had the gold hundred-spoke Daytons and shot at the swap meet. We wanted to do something that felt different. We didn’t need the whole car, just something that represented it. It was more about him.

1. “That marked a point of departure for me, because that was the first album cover that I had ever done. We kind of took off at the same time, and because I went so hard on that cover, I was able to shoot eight more albums with him over the next ten years.

So of my favorite covers he’s done in the past. Click here to the 25 & the stories behind them.

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